It is integrated by widely recognized chaired professors of Economics, Finance and Business Law: they belong to the commissions which prepare the legislative proposals, they run several prestigious masters and publications in Finance, Auditing, Corporate, Insolvency, Banking, and Intellectual Property Law, and they are true references in these areas. The education that these recognized scholars provide to our professionals is the best guarantee to achieve brilliant solutions to real problems.

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The Dictum method is an exclusive working system. According to this method, scholars and lawyers create a true legal laboratory to find out solutions under the formula RESEARCH + EDUCATION + INTERVENTION, creating the highest-level professionals to defend our clients´ interests with those brilliant and exhaustive solutions reached thanks to privilege education and the case-to-case support who they receive from the Dictum´s academic partners.

Dictum is the perfect symbiosis of lawyers, economists, commercial experts and auditors with a privileged education.


Dictum Forums

The Dictum Forums are meeting among recognized professionals, and they haven been consolidated as an important point to promote the knowledge and the research of several legal and financial matters. Schedule

Dictum Seminars

Dictum seminars are internal working sessions to divulgate the knowledge reached for our members in their researchs. They are integrated by both scholars and professionals members of Dictum who study and discus about insolvency, legal and economic issues. More information
Our partners have written some of the most important books in Commercial and Insolvency Law in Spain. See publications