Multidisciplinary team

Dictum is the perfect symbiosis between lawyers, economists, commercial experts and auditors with a privilege education.




Dictum lawyers have a wide education in Commercial and Insolvency Law: all of them have –or they are attending- a PhD in Law, and they have attend the Master in Corporate Insolvency Law at the Universidad CEU San Pablo, the first academic Master in Insolvency Law created in Spain. On the other hand, our economists, commercial experts and auditors are specialized in business issues: they are authors of many important books or papers in auditing, accounting, finance, restructuring and Insolvency Law, and they have been for more than 30 years bending their both teaching and professional experience.


Emilio Beltrán Sánchez (lawyer)
Juan Carlos Rodríguez Maseda (lawyer)
Ana Belén Campuzano Laguillo (lawyer)
Esperanza Gallego Sánchez (lawyer)
Ana Isabel González de la Torre (lawyer)
José Maneiro García (lawyer)
Laura Santiso Sánchez (lawyer)
Manuel Hernández Muñoz (lawyer)
Alfonso Manuel Martín Espinosa (lawyer)
José Antonio Martín Espinosa (lawyer)
Yolanda Morales Monteoliva (lawyer)
Sara Ugena Muñoz (lawyer)
Elena López Sánchez (lawyer)
Diana Cárdenas Fernández (lawyer)
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Antonio Caba Tena (lawyer)
Aurelio Gurrea Chalé (commercial expert , economist, lawyer and auditor)
Laura de la Luz Gurrea Martínez (commercial expert , economist, lawyer and auditor)
Juan Carlos Marín Mullor (auditor and lawyer)
Aurelio Gurrea Martínez (economist, lawyer and auditor)
David Ragel Martínez (economist, lawyer and auditor)
Emilia Pardo Gil (economist)
Ana Hortas González (economist)
María Hormigo Mata (economist)
María José Blanca González (commercial expert )
Inmaculada Gil Infante (graduado Social)
Lorena Gurrea Martínez (auditor)

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