Dictum is specialized in Business Law from a wide point of view: our lawyers, economists, commercial experts and auditors have a deep knowledge of the legal, economic and financial business activities. Our sectorial specialization, together with our mutidisciplinary team, guarantees the perfect treatment and knowledge of our clients´ problems. Furthermore, the academic aspects of Dictum, and its exhaustive researchings, let to clients, companies and institutions apply prevent policies to minimize risks and disputes.


Economic sectors

  • Financial institutions
  • Hotels, agencies and tourism
  • Distribution
  • Meat
  • Fishing
  • Promotion, construction, real estate
  • Auxiliary industries to the construction sector
  • Geriatrics
  • Telecommunications
  • New technologies
  • Tele marketing
  • Food and supermarkets
  • Textile
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Sport entities
  • Stockbreeding
  • Graphic arts
  • Car dealers

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