The Firm

What is Dictum?

Dictum is the union between both Professors of Economics, Finance and Business Law and prestigious professionals with a widely recognized career as economists and lawyers. Its aim is creating a new way to practice law, a different professional profile. Like that it was born its particular and exhaustive working system: the Dictum method.

Why Dictum?

The perfect symbiosis between both academic and professional Dictum´s aspects which finish in the Dictum method, based in its scientific ability to create exhaustive solutions, with the correlative security for the client and the efficacy of our economic and legal interventions.

The Academic Board is integrated for widely recognized scholars specialized in Economics, Finance and Business Law: they belong to the commissions which prepare the legislative legal proposals; they manage some prestigious masters and publications in Finance, Auditing, Corporate, Insolvency, and Intellectual Property Law; and they are true references in these areas. The education that this recognized scholars give to all our professionals is the best guarantee to achieve brilliant solutions to real problems.